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More languages, more theatre: Nicolas Billon

presented by Henning Bochert The entertaining plays by Canadian playwright Nicolas Billon provide surprising plots and smart dialogues. Apart from their entertaining value, his texts often feature another characteristic: he employs other idioms than his working language English. These languages then introduce a certain exotic… Read more

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The new board

On occasion of the members assembly on 04 September 2021, a new board was elected for Drama Panorama for the coming two years. This consists of the following members: Henning Bochert Charlotte Bomy Anna Galt Barbora Schnelle Karen Witthuhn Daniel Brunet was invited to act… Read more

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A look back at SCHUDOMA: Ich bin zu Hause

Schudomastraße is located in Berlin-Neukölln, in Bohemian Rixdorf, where the first Protestant refugees from Bohemia came in 1737 to escape persecution in their home country. The Bohemian Brethren community still exists there today. The street is named after the 19th-century local politician Johann Schudoma. We… Read more

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Erwin Axer

Earlier on this forum, Michael Kleineidam reviewed the excellent publication on the great Polish theatermaker Erwin Axer, published by the Polish Theater Institute in a remarkable, bilingual (Polish-German) edition (including some translations by our member Andreas Volk). The Polish Theater Institute has now published the… Read more

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Griesel Translates Sonntag

Yvonne Griesel’s translation of Frédéric Sonntag’s play B. TRAVEN has been nominated for the selection of especially recommended plays 2019 by the German-language Eurodram Committee. You can read an interview on the committee’s website. On November 25th, the play will be presented in a staged… Read more

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EURODRAM 2018 Honours

Eurodram – European network for drama in translation 2018 Honours – Selection of original texts Eurodram, the European network for drama in translation, is delighted to announce its 2018 selection of plays recommended for translation. These have been chosen by 282 members of 27 language… Read more

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100 Years That Shook the World

Henning Bochert’s article on 100 YEARS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD, the series of theatre events at the St. Petersburg Theatre of Generations (Teatr Pokoleniy) to mark the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution, has now been published in The Theatre Times. Thanks to Kate McNaughton… Read more

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Call for Queer Plays

The series of anthologies Drama Panorama presents contemporary foreign-language plays in German translation. It is published by Neofelis Verlag in cooperation with the organisation Drama Panorama: Forum for Translation and Theatre e. V. The first anthology of Czech drama will be published in early 2018.… Read more