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Workshops: translationale berlin

During the translationale berlin 2023, there are a few workshops on offer that are still open for registration:

Mach mir eine Szene! Insights into the world of theatre translators

Friday, 10 November 2023 | 10am – 1pm

With: Anna Opel und Barbora Schnelle (Drama Panorama – Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e. V.)

In German

In this three-hour workshop, we look behind the scenes of the creation of a theatre translation with its own specificities, challenges and possibilities of linguistic mediation. We give a general introduction to the topic, present practical examples and prepare a small exercise. Professional issues, such as fees and legalities, will also be addressed. The workshop is intended for those who want to learn more about theatre translation but do not have much experience with it. When registering, please provide information on your own language combinations, experience in the theatre sector and topics of particular interest in the context of theatre translation.

Please register until 09.11. at

Translation workshop Swahili

Saturday, 11 November 2023 | 10am – 1pm

With: Ida Hadjivayanis

In English

The first part of the workshop will present prose translations from Swahili and the strategies used by Swahili translators in the past. A selection of literary examples from the 1930s to the present will be used. In the second part, an extract from the novel Afterlives (orig. Afterlives, Bloomsbury 2020) by Nobel Prize winner Abdulrazak Gurnah will be translated from English into Swahili and other languages. Participants who do not understand Swahili but are interested in the workshop are welcome; they will be asked to translate into their own languages. At the end of the workshop there will be a comparative analysis of the translations produced. The aims of the workshop are: to highlight the contribution of translation in Swahili literature, to encourage collaboration in the art of translation and to promote a common concern in working with African languages.

Please register until 09.11. at

Workshop on translating African languages

Sunday, 12 November 2023 | 10am – 2pm

With: Rémi Armand Tchokothe, Coumba Touré, Francis Canon Omondi, Gomolemo Moagi und Anni Domingo

In English

Ever heard Wolof before? Read Luo? Translated into Sesotho? Written in Creole? If not, this workshop for translators gives you the chance to do so. Led by literary scholar Rémi Armand Tchokothe, Coumba Touré, Francis Canon Omondi, Gomolemo Moagi and Anni Domingo, four authors and translators from Senegal, Kenya, South Africa and Great Britain, will present their African and Creole languages. Excerpts from Micere Githae Mugo’s poem To Be a Feminist is will be translated into the four languages with the help of explanations in English. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn about these languages and their references and differences, as well as about current literatures in African languages and Creole.

Please register until 09.11. at

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