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How are the independent theatre communities in Berlin and Prague holding up?

21 June 2021, 5 pm – Livestream of talk with Q&A on the Ballhaus Ost website

Speed dating at Mala Inventura festival in 2020 | Photo: Henning Bochert

The festival of contemporary Czech theatre EIN STÜCK: TSCHECHIEN had planned to present two guest performances from the Prague independent theatre community at Ballhaus Ost in June. Since a live event with an audience is still not possible, the festival team decided to invite theatre-makers from the Berlin and Prague independent theatre communities to discuss the following current issues: What is the status of the independent scene within the overall theatre scenes of the two cities? How has the pandemic changed work structures, rehearsals, etc.? What survival strategies are being developed? Is theatre migrating into digital space or looking for other alternatives? To what extent was pandemic financial support able to secure livelihoods? How have application procedures for theatre projects changed? And what goals do organisations representing the interests of the independent community pursue? Where do working conditions need to be changed and structures reinforced?

A discussion with Prague and Berlin theatre-makers from the independent theatre communities and representatives of PAP Berlin and Nová síť Prague (who together created the PRALIN exchange programme).

21 June 2021, 5 pm, broadcast live via the Ballhaus Ost website

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