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Foreign Texts – Own Texts

A multi-lingual further training seminar for literary translators and anyone else with an interest in translation

With a lecture by Anatol Stefanowitsch

Seminar led by: Gabriele Leupold and Eveline Passet

Every translation can be understood as an intervention in a foreign work of literature. But how far do we want to go, how far can we go? “… misjudge the beauty of female stupidity …” – should one reproduce such formulations (Walter Benjamin in an essay on Karl Kraus) today? Is it legitimate to turn a Russian satirical and grotesque writer into a German expressionist? In his article “Politisch korrekte Literatur” (Politically Correct Literature), the Anglicist Anatol Stefanowitsch takes a linguistically ethical perspective, advocating a form of writing sensitive to discrimination and justifying the legitimacy of “adapting” foreign texts – whether using editorial intervention or translation. A subsequent workshop led by Gabriele Leupold und Eveline Passet will examine specific examples.

Unfortunately, the previously announced lecture by Shakespeare translator Frank Günther about translation close to the original and “zeitgeist compatible” deviations is cancelled.

05.09.2019, 10 am – 6 pm

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Am Sandwerder 5
14109 Berlin

Entry is free, 12 Euro contribution for lunch and drinks are planned. Please register by email at or Fax 030-81699619.

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