New Spanish-Language Theatre

New Spanish-Language Theatre
Workshop – Panel – Reading
2nd & 4th October 2021

Schaubühne Berlin & Instituto Cervantes Berlin

Spanish, the global language, is hardly represented in German-language theatre. Although there are increasing numbers of guest performances from the Spanish-Latin American region at various festivals, only a few plays make it into the repertoire. For that reason, the publication project New Spanish-Language Drama, initiated by a team of translators and supported by an Exzellenz grant from the Deutsche Übersetzerfonds, aims to make contemporary plays from the Ibero-American cultural region accessible to German theatre-makers and readers. The first volume, Mauern fliegen in die Luft, will be published in autumn 2021 in the series Drama Panorama – Neue Internationale Theatertexte by Neofelis Verlag.

The process of creating the planned anthology will be the focus of our two full-day events along with discussing the multifaceted work of the translators. As linguistic and cultural experts, as initiators and editors, the team of translators will explore this question in a specialist workshop and a public panel discussion, combined with a staged reading: how exactly does joint translation work happen?

Dragón by Guillermo Calderón
Staged reading from the book Mauern fliegen in die Luft
FIND Festival, Schaubühne Berlin
After the staged reading
With Florian Borchmeyer (Schaubühne Berlin), Antje Oegel (henschel Schauspiel), Carola Heinrich and Franziska Muche (editors and translators)
Panel discussion
04.10.2021Translators don’t have to struggle alone: tandem translations and editing in practice
Translation workshop at the Instituto Cervantes, Berlin

Translators don’t have to struggle alone: tandem translation and editing in practice
Translation workshop

What obstacles and synergies arise out of collectively working together?
What specific perspectives are opened up from the multiplicity of views on a translation problem?

Translators Carola Heinrich and Franziska Muche discuss translating challenges based on various text examples with the project team (Hedda Kage, Miriam Denger, Stefanie Gerhold and Cornelia Enger) and our participating professional colleagues.

Panel discussion

Here we will discuss aspects of working on both anthologies: the path from finding and selecting the Spanish-language original texts to publishing the German translations with a publisher is long and full of obstacles. What problems need to be faced in dealing with the playwrights, publishers, theatres, festivals, agents and the media, and how do translators need to work as mediators here?

The panel discussion and workshop will be chaired by the editors and translators Franziska Muche and Dr Carola Heinrich.

Mauern fliegen durch die Luft
Staged reading

The full-day event will be finished off with a reading of extracts from the book, which will be published in autumn 2021 by Neofelis Verlag. More details to follow.