Festival of Contemporary Czech Drama in Berlin

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Staged readings on 16th September 2020, 7.30 p.m.
Gallery of the Czech Centre Berlin

Contemporary plays from the Czech Republic in Berlin: Drama Panorama e. V. and the Czech Centre Berlin once again present a festival of contemporary Czech drama – Ein Stück: Tschechien 2020!

Due to the Corona pandemic, we will not be able to present guest productions this year (they have been moved to 2021!), but we are nevertheless pleased to be able to present three staged readings in the gallery of the Czech Centre, in compliance with current hygiene regulations.

For the fourth time now, the biennial festival of contemporary Czech drama Ein Stück: Tschechien will present contemporary Czech plays in Berlin.

There is a new generation of playwrights in the Czech Republic whose plays are relevant for audiences all over Europe, but who nonetheless are barely known outside of their own country. The festival organised by the Berlin association for translation and theatre Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e. V. in partnership with the Czech Centre Berlin redress this.

In the 2020 edition of the festival, the focus will be on plays by Czech women playwrights, who position themselves in different ways towards female identity in Czech society. In staged readings in the Czech Centre, plays by Dagmar Radová, Tereza Semotamová and Martina Kinská (in collaboration with the historian Radek Schovánek) will be presented for the first time in German. Dagmar Radová’s play Thelma and Selma is a theatre road trip inspired by the film classic Thelma and Louise – funny, fast-paced, cross-generational, feminist and topical. In Tereza Semotamová’s play Please Enter Your Destination, we meet a young couple who discuss their relationship in a surreal-grotesque way with a car navigation system. In the play IM with Enemy Connection, the author Martina Kinská, in collaboration with the historian Radek Schovánek, explores the tragedy of life in a totalitarian regime, in which people’s most private spaces are abused. The production of the play directed by the author won the 2019 Mark Ravenhill Prize for the best production of a contemporary drama.


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin, the Czech Centre Berlin and Drama Panorama: Forum for Translation and Theatre present


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin, the Czech Centre Berlin and Drama Panorama: Forum for Translation and Theatre present:

Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 7.30 p. m., Czech Centre Berlin

Dagmar Radová: Thelma und Selma (Thelma and Selma)
Translated from the Czech by Ruben Höppner

Tereza Semotamová: Bitte Ziel eingeben (Please Enter Your Destination)
Translated from the Czech by Martina Lisa

Martina Kinská/Radek Schovánek: IM mit Feindverbindung (Agent with enemy contact)
Translated from the Czech by Barbora Schnelle

Staged readings (abridged versions) followed by a panel discussion with the authors and the presentation of the festival’s audience award.

Directed by: Katharina Schmitt
Read by: Thea Rasche, Melanie Schmidli, Henning Bochert and Julian Anatol Schneider
Dramaturgy/Production: Barbora Schnelle and Henning Bochert
Production assistant: Joséphine Fresen

Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin, Wilhelmstr. 44, 10117 Berlin (Entrance Mohrenstraße) | Free admission

The event is part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the town twinning between Prague and Berlin.

The festival was made possible by the support of our sponsors and partners:

Czech-German Future Fund | The Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic | Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic | Czech Literary Centre| Arts and Theatre Institute | PerformCzech.cz | Dilia

Due to the Corona pandemic, the festival guest productions will not take place until 2021. Further information can be found on our websites www.drama-panorama.com and tzberlin.de.
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Depresivní děti touží po penězích (Depressive children reaching for money), Prague


The Fall of the House of Usher | Foto: Michaela Škvrňáková

Ballhaus Ost (Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin)

Directed and written by: Jakub Čermák
Performed by: Jiří Ratajík, Barbora Šupová, Petra Mošovská, Petr Kolman
Stage and costume design: Anna Pospíšilová
Sound design: Jan Faix
Camera, light: Tomáš Kunst

Lachende Bestien, Prague

SEZUAN (based on Brecht)

SEZUAN (based on Brecht) | Foto: Lachende Bestien

Organised by:

Drama Panorama: Forum für Theater und Übersetzung e. V.


Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin/České centrum Berlín


In Zusammenarbeit mit den Theatern Depresivní děti touží po penězích und Lachende Bestien
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Ballhaus Ost

Curator: Barbora Schnelle
in Zusammenarbeit mit dem tschechisch-deutschen künstlerischen Beirat des Festivals

Dramaturgy/Production: Barbora Schnelle and Henning Bochert

The festival is made possible by:

Contact: info@drama-panorama.com

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