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Theatre translation at the DG

The Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (DG) is one of Drama Panorama’s many neighbours in Kunstquartier Bethanien. Their annual meeting will take place from 06.-09.02.2020 in the NT Ghent under the motto COMMON – Allies, Activists, and Alternatives in European Theatre. Yvonne Griesel will represent Drama Panorama at the event. Here’s an excerpt from the programme:

14:30–16:00 NTGent Schouwburg, Rehearsal Attic Round Table Talk

Yvonne Griesel (drama panorama & sprachspiel), Dorothea Lautenschläger (rua. Kooperative für Text und Regie), Annette Reschke (Verlag der Autoren), Tobias Schuster (Schauspielhaus Wien), Bettina Walther (S. Fischer Verlag)
Chaired by: Kathrin Bieligk and Tobias Schuster

Changing Agencies

Is a structural transformation taking place in publishing houses and agencies too? Which hierarchies and free spaces exist, what potential for contributing to discussions and decision-making? How does collective thinking work? Can publishers be collective of solidarity? And how are new perspectives on authorship changing the way publishing works? Last but not least: how can we initiate a lively and inspired discussion between two entities as dynamic as theatre and publishing houses?

There will be the chance to talk about this in the open discussion, as well as as gender equality in programme planning, role models in new plays, new methods of theatre translation and all of our desire for collective thinking.

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