Ambivalent relations between sound and sense in theatrical translation

Word plays, figures of speech, jokes, and rhymes

Author and translator Henning Bochert will introduce the topic of the event in our Panorama-Café. In the evening, we are introducing the work of the young Polish author, Dorota Maslowska and her collaboration with the German translator, Olaf Kühl.


Panorama-Café with guest Henning Bochert – a round table for translators and theater professionals to exchange ideas and new plays from all over the world. Henning Bochert will introduce today’s theme using samples from his work as a translator.


In a panel discussion, the Polish author and playwright Dorota Maslowska and her German translator Olaf Kühl will talk about their collaboration and brand-new texts by Maslowska will be read.  The discussion is moderated by Barbora Schnelle.

A small reception is to follow.

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