Embassy of the Czech Republic

4-6pm Drama-Panorama Cafe

Collaborative translating

Workshop by Barbora Schnelle and Kathrin Janka

7.30pm Reading and Panel Discussion


with Stefan Kaminski (Deutsches Theater/ Berlin)

Panel: Roman Sikora (playwright), Barbora Schnelle (moderator, translator), Kathrin Janka (translator)



Do Agents replace Literary Advisors?

Drama-Panorama-Cafe 4-6pm

The Translator as Scout – we will discuss with experienced translators about how to best introduce international plays to agencies and theaters in your own country (workshop for theater translators)

Panel Discussion 7pm

Panel discussion with four of the most famous theater agencies in Europe

Mel Kenyon (Casarotto Ramsay and Associates, Ltd./London), Kateřina Bohadlová  (Dilia, Prag), Moritz Staemmler (Felix Bloch Erben/Berlin) und Uwe S. Carstensen (S. Fischer Theaterverlag/Frankfurt)

Agents and Publisher are a integral part of the international theater exchange. They discover and develop new talent, commission translations and connect playwrights with theaters. They collaborate closely with dramaturgs and influence actively the contemporary theater scene.



PHOENIX TRANSATLANTIC is a festival with brandnew plays from North-Rhine Westphalia and New York City. On April 29 and 30, 2010, eight selected plays will be presented as world premieres and also as guest performances from the VOICES OF CHANGE festival of Theater Bielefeld in the Representation of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia in Berlin. Artistic directors are the dramaturgs Henning Bochert of the artists network raum4 as well as Christine Richter-Nilsson.

A round table of DRAMA PANORAMA is part of the programme.

22.04.10 – 25.04.10


Vom 22. bis 25. April findet am Theater Bielefeld das Festival VOICES OF CHANGE statt.

DRAMA PANORAMA kooperiert mit dem Festival und betreut die Übersetzung amerikanischer Kurzdramatik, welche in szenischen Lesungen auf dem Festival präsentiert wird.

Die Übersetzer der Dramen, Imen Mguedmini, Gregor Runge, Friederike Kenneweg und Henning Bochert (größtenteils Neueinsteiger in das Metier der Dramenübersetzung), werden bei Proben anwesend sein und am Produktionsprozess teilnehmen.

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